for what it's worth...

i think i might be over the hump with whatever demon bug has infected me. the cold sweat, hot chill thing is pretty much gone, and my appetite is returning for things other than coffee and ice water. i'm still spacey as hell, though. don't know where that's coming from, but after three days, i really wish it would go away. t'was the day when i'd pay good money to feel like that, but it's creepy as hell now. still having a hell of a time coordinating simple tasks, like typing or moving from room to room without bumping into things. i guess i'll drag my ass into the office tomorrow. luckily it's been sort of slow the past few weeks, so it was probably a good time to come down with something, but i hate asking my office mates to follow up on stuff that i can't access from home.
the worst part is that it has been a total waste of three whole days. i didn't even feel like reading, just sat in the recliner, half passed out, head cocked over to one side, drooling on myself. ugh.
i'll catch you later.

go ahead, make your day...



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