it's saturday...

i wasn't all that confident that i would make it through the week past to today without quitting my job. or should i say, leaving my current place of employment, as i'm not really sure what my f'n job really is any more. that's another story for another time, i think, but it's frustrating as shit. however, i made it and it's saturday. doesn't have the same thrilling ring to it as when i was a kid, when it meant getting up in the morning and having a quiet, leisurely breakfast, followed, especially on those rainy days or winter mornings, a short spell in front of the tv watching science fiction movies or detective movies or sometimes even a western. if the weather was nice, it was out the door and adventure was afoot. i spent a lot time as a kid wandering around in the woods alone, whole days, sometimes. maybe just climb a tree and hang out and watch and see what came by. never worried, as my parents never worried, that something horrible was going to befall me. funny how things change. now i never wander through the woods out back, into the state park, without a sidearm or a stout staff, or at least a long blade strapped to my leg. too many f'n wetbacks have set up camp in the less traveled areas round here. scary. and now saturdays have become a day less intended for relaxation, but running around like mad, doing the stuff you couldn't get to during the week. mine won't be quite as bad as usual, though. i managed to get out of the office at 2:00 yesterday and was home before 3:30, so i managed to get three quarters of the property mowed. fun things still on my list to do, though, include the weekly trip to the recycling place and the post office, finishing the mowing, then doing the trimming and weeding and doing what i can to prep the various gardens for the coming colder weather, potting up some plants that are in the ground now so i can bring them in over the winter, replacing the hinge on the toilet seat, doing some more spackle work on the spare bedroom, listing more crap on craig's list, and myriad other things that will pop up. still have to do a crap load of work on the outside of the place before it gets cold, still have to build some new lumber racks in the little shed to store the piles of lumber i have in the spare bedroom, which now have to go someplace else, man, i could go on and on.
well, one more cup of coffee, then i have to start moving my ass.
see you later.

go ahead, make your day...



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