raking is for light weights...

After surveying the grounds proper, I decided that manual labor of the leaf raking kind was not something I really wanted to undertake, so I changed the regular blade of the lawn mowing machine and installed the mulching blade from hell, The Gator Mulcher Blade. This thing is fucking medieval... I have a six and a half horse engine on my mowing machine and it takes all it can give to hurl that thing around, but the results are incredible. It slices, it dices, it pulverizes grass and leaves into a fine molecular powder and leaves none of those hayfield windrows that a regular mulching blade does. Has no mercy on small branches, either. Sounds wicked, too, sort of like an industrial sized branch mulching machine powered by a P-51 Mustang. It has lifting wings on the trailing edge that suck the grass and leaves up into it. Makes the mower run a bit hot, though, so I have to take breaks more often to let it cool down, not that I'm complaining, though. I dropped the mower height down a few notches and gave the grounds a real Marine buzz cut. Looks like the felt on a pool table. Now all I have to do is fire up the noisy, high carbon emitting 4-cycle leaf blower and clean off the walks and front porch and I think that's that for the outside today. I'll attack the back wood lot next weekend.

go ahead, make your day...



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