i am sick. yeah, yeah, save the wisecracks, i'm really sick. i was fine until about 4 PM yesterday when i finally finished all the yard work and cleaning up the wooded back lot, when i sat down at one of the outside tables and had a stout. all of a sudden, my nose started dripping snot down the front of my face (bad, bad sign... i have a birth defect the prevents my nose from running unless my sinuses are full to the brim with ucky stuff), my sinuses, as explained, are full of gunk and they are steadily draining down the back of my throat. i've been coughing and hacking, and alternating between hot flashes and cold chills. i'm light headed and my body is starting to ache. my eyes burn and feel ike they're filled with sand... could be some sort of allergic reaction to something i kicked up in the yard while mowing, raking and trimming, but i doubt it. i think i've got a good one going here, which really, really sucks. i never get sick. the last time i had any sort of thing like this was a sinus infection about four or five years ago. this blows.
i'm going to spend the day in Dame Recliner, with coffee, ice water and remote at hand.

go ahead, make your day...



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