what I need...

1. Some new socks. Winter is coming. Protruding toes tend to get cold.
2. A week long bender.
3. A two week long bender.
4. Quiet. Real quiet.
5. A gift certificate to a hot female psychiatrist.
6. A new dado blade for my table saw.
7. A night out at a goth club.
8. A weekend hanging out with my daughters. At a goth club.
9. A three week long bender...
10. Another Jersey Bloggers meet. If I wasn't such a slug, I'd set one up myself...
11. A new career. Home Depot is starting to look good...
12. Thirty less pounds.
13. A pet crow.
14. A greener thumb.
15. _______________________. (you fill it in...)

go ahead, make your day...



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