I am a busy bee...

All the pieces for the built in bookcase are cut to final size, the stopped dadoes for the shelves are cut, everything is sanded and ready to start staining tomorrow night. I opted for red oak plywood for the shelves as well, as the span will be almost thirty inches and it's less apt to warp. I had some scrap 1 x 3 red oak that I ran through the router table, using a 3/4 bull nose bit, then ripped strips 3/4" wide. I adhered them to the edge of the shelf blanks to hide the front edge of the plywood to hide the lamination and give the impression of solid wood shelves. After everything is stained and finished, I'll drill some pocket holes to fasten the sides to the top and bottom. I have to whip up a right angle jig out of some scrap ply to hold the pieces square to each other while I drive in the screws. Then I'll square the carcass, slide the shelves in from the back and mark them to trim the excess off the back edge for an accurate fit, then secure them with some wood screws through the sides. Then it's time to slide it into the hole in the wall, shim it square (or what looks square from across the room; nothings square in this place, I have to do a lot by eye). I'll scribe a line on the back wall, then remove the cabinet and add a strip of wood to support the back of the cabinet once it's in place. I'm going to finish the back of the bookcase with 3" oak bead board, stained to match, which I will then attach, then slide it back into the wall, re-square it and fasten it into place. After which, I shall have a few beers. Then I get to start constructing the new mantle and surround. If I get it done before Thanksgiving, I'll be amazed. It's a simple design, but consists of twenty eight individual pieces of wood. I settled on a linear Arts and Crafts design, with recessed panels in the two uprights and the cross piece, a heavy, thick plinth on the bottom of each upright to visually ground it. The mantel shelf will be supported by three piece brackets that match those I made for the book shelves that go around the top of the room, one on each upright. There will be five rectangular keystones to support the center of the shelf, that will match the keystones that support the window stools, so everything in the room will be tied together, style wise. It will all make sense once you see it.
In other news, I'm proud of my fellow New Jersey citizens for electing Chris Christie yesterday and sending a message to Washington that we're getting fed up with the nonsense. I hope Chris can accomplish even some of what he's promised to do. He was a great United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, I hope he can clean house in Trenton and set the damned unions on their ear. We'll see.
Well, I'm going to go watch some baseball. After yesterday's success, it would be nice to see the Yankees win the series tonight.
Have a good one.

go ahead, make your day...

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