I'm hammering to get the latest project finished right now, like last year, when I was piecing in the last of the living room flooring at ten o'clock on the night before Thanksgiving, but this year, the mantle and bookcase project are done. So, having time on my hands, I've decided that today would be a great time to wax and buff the dining room floor and the floor in the foyer. I started at six thirty and I'm already about a third done, I should be finished by early afternoon. Have to do it in sections so I can move everything about. It really needed it, though, it hasn't had a good wax and buff since the spring.
In other news, here's what I'm planning as my next woodworking project, a tapered Roycroft book shelf, with through tenons and driven keys to hold it together.

I found that image on the website of an antique dealer, they're asking $3200.00 for it.
The original piece was made by the Roycroft studios in 1904 and sold for $20.00! I'll feel lucky if I can just purchase the wood for ten times that. I'm going to go for quartersawn oak for the framing, and use quartersawn oak ply for the sides, backs and edge joined boards for the shelves, which is a bit of a departure from the original, but will be easier to construct and save a few dollars. Here's the original ad for the piece...

I wonder if what they thought was just a commodity piece in their day would turn out to be a coveted work of the wood crafter's art today?
It will fit nicely in the odd corner we have in our living room.

Well, I think the latest application of wax is probably dry enough to start buffing, so back to work I go.

go ahead, make your day...

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