While the snow event of the past weekend was something to contend with, we received about thirteen or so inches, I'm not quite sure it warranted the rather creative name "Snowpocalypse", that was foisted upon it by the media. Yes, I know, I was on the Northern edge of the event, the folks to the South got three times what I did, and had gale force winds to contend with, too. I was lucky. Just before writing this, I received an update email from NOAA and, if nothing else, one word alarmed me... "explosively"... as in "AN EXPLOSIVELY DEVELOPING NOR/EASTER". The last time I recall them using that particular description was during the build up to the January, 1996, event that dropped over three feet in twenty four hours in my neck of the woods. That amount of snowfall calls for expeditions, with snow shovel in hand, to the roof to shovel the snow off to prevent the weight from converting Stately Sad Old Goth ManorĀ® into a ranch house. Depending on the track of the cold front moving in from the West and the moisture moving up from the South, this might be a repeat of the weekend, or it could be a real heller. Batten down the hatches, just in case.

spew accordingly below...

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Blogger joated said...

Slow and easy on the shoveling. You want progress, not (hospital) traction or cardiac care.

7:50 PM  
Blogger gregor said...

Actually, in spite of my outward appearance, all the inner workings are in incredibly good condition, especially the ticker. I have an active stress test every year. During the last one, I was on the treadmill for so long I thought my head was going to explode, and my heart rate wouldn't go over 150. The doctor was going to induce a higher heart rate with medication, but I refused, so he did the test at that heart rate, instead of the usual 166.
I always pace myself when doing the snow removal thing, and I do more pushing then lifting. I went out last night for an hour and cleared away the mounds left over from last weekend so I'd have room for the new snow, I'll be out every hour or so during the storm, keeping things cleared, so I don't have to move it all at once.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Mr. Bingley said...

Luckily you left me a little Balvenie, gregor, so I should have enough to get me through the shoveling tomorrow :)

1:07 PM  
Blogger gregor said...

I think I about owe you one, Bing.

3:22 PM  

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