ho, hum... i am a slug. been busy with non-bloggy stuff, including hurting my brain meats working on my big, stupendous, best seller book. i don't know how people who write for a living do it. i feel like every word i write i have to carve out of stone. it flows a lot easier when i'm not trying. anyone have any advice?
i'm going to go drink multiple beers and stare at all the empty pages...

spew accordingly below...

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Blogger Diane said...

no advice other than to walk away when you're getting frustrated and/or stuck. come back to it later. the worst work i've done creatively is when i've forced it.

i am SO glad you're going to share your treasures with the world!! cant wait to own a copy of your book!

10:51 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

I don't but possibly this woman does.... Kris is writing a freelance writer's survival guide on her blog. She's been writing a long time. Perhaps a perusal will give you some insight into making things go smoother for you. Or not. She's talking about it more as the process of writing for a living. I haven't read it all but you never know. Some little sentence may be the thing that turns the corner for you. :-)

Good luck!

I am not a writer. I wish I was, but unfortunately I do not have "it" when it comes to writing. Without that bit of spark, the result is not worth the time and effort for the mediocre (at best) result.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous majorfactor said...

Well if you are carving into stone, you will need to sharpen your wit ☺

Much like one would prepare their gardening tools after a long winter or sharping wood turning tools before starting a project. The proper skew and honing is critical to the finished product.

I would suggest putting the chunk of stone aside and grab block of wood and whittle awhile, say maybe with a little Pink Floyd playing through a comfortable set of ear phones.

It is not important what the end product will be - could be a flute, a back scratcher, an ash tray or nothing but a pile of wood chips. The object is to 'feel' the grain as you cut along or against it.

In other words ... relax ☯

2:02 AM  
Blogger Mr. Bingley said...

"i'm going to go drink multiple beers and stare at all the empty pages"

That stratagery got me through college!

...and most of my blog posts.

10:26 AM  
Blogger caitlin said...

drinking usually does it for me....ive started my book over 20 times and nothing ever makes sense unless im drinking. im taking augustens approach and writing my best while wasted and then making money after im famous while writing when im sober...ill share mine with you if you share yours with mine..........altho im not sure you will really like mine.........

5:25 AM  

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