it finally stopped pouring. now we have thirty mile per hour winds and blowing drizzle. i think the major flooding we had last storm must have cleaned out the culvert and pipe that our little brook goes into and comes out about three hundred feet away into another bigger brook. everything around us is flooded and we have comparatively nothing, just some big puddles. i'm not complaining, believe me.
in other news, i'm taking a week off from thinking. sort of like a mini-Congressional recess, although they mostly don't think with they're at work, so that's probably a bad analogy, huh? i might even blog a bit. oh, joy, huh?

spew accordingly below...

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Blogger Teresa said...

I thought the rain here would be over by today. I was nearly ready to sit down and cry when I saw it was still cloudy and rainy this morning. *sigh* I'm soooo tired of rain. We haven't got the wind here yet. I suppose that's next.

Well, they promise us it's supposed to warm up... I hope for once they are right.

Happy Spring I guess. heh.

11:39 AM  

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