No "Saturday's Goth Girl" today, probably not much else... barely have a Mac this morning...
We had a short blackout here in town yesterday and when the power came back on, my admin password was no longer recognized. Not good. Had to delve into the operating system, trick it into rebooting like it was reading a start up disc (it wouldn't read from the real start up disc, for some reason, just sat there, whirring away). Once I figured that out, I basically reinstalled the operating system from the mirror I made, which I configured to save everything in a partition as a backup, so I really lost nothing except my Firefox bookmarks, a few hours of my time and gained more than a few grey hairs. Didn't configure it as an admin based system this time, just as a casual user, no password log in, no nuttin... being fancy almost toasted by ass.
So, today I'm off to help a friend do some yard work, I'm banished from my house while Mrs. SOG has some girlfriends over for lunch and hanging out.
Talk to you later.

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Blogger Teresa said...

ACK! That so sucks. But good for you for having the mirror! I have a time machine running, but I really really really need a different hard drive that I can clone my current drive to... The best part of Macs is that you can boot from any of your drives (unlike Windows that requires a C: drive).

I think I shall order one today - I've been careless and your great planning is going to spur me on to doing something I know I've needed to do all along.

1:54 PM  

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