It's Prog Rock Saturday Night..!

I thought I'd take a little break from Yes tonight. Things come to you in the oddest moments; I was out chasing the lawn mowing machine around today and this song popped into my mind out of nowhere, so here you go -
Gentle Giant, live in 1974, performing "Advent of Panurge" from the 1972 album, Octopus.

Cool, huh? I didn't know too many other Gentle Giant fans back in the day, when the prog scene was dominated by Yes, ELP, Genesis, King Crimson and the like. Musically, I'd put them on par with all those bands, and, in some instances, well above. (Well, except for ELP, whom were eclipsed by most everyone; they were good and I enjoyed them because they incorporated classical themes into their compositions, but they tended to drone on a bit, at least to my ear at times... and they were too much into the showmanship and their music suffered for it).
Gentle Giant took off in the direction that Bill Bruford was trying to drag Yes and ran with it. They approached that cross over threshold between prog and jazz that Zappa lept over with the One Size Fits All album, but they remained unique and innovative and fresh for many, many years, and they're as much fun to listen to today as they were almost forty years ago.

spew accordingly below...



Blogger Thud said...

Punk arrived in Britain and saved me...thank goodness!

8:18 PM  
OpenID coopernicus said...

Free Hand was my favorite album, but Octopus had its moments...

4:07 AM  

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