"I shall retire to Bedlam..."

This is an actual conversation I had today on the phone with my health insurance company, which wanted some clarification on how I ended up needing eight stitches in my arm last month;
(I was taking down an old pre-fab chimney on my home and was carrying a section down a very tall ladder, when I lost control of it and it came down on my arm and lacerated it).

Insurance Rep (with a very heavy, indescribable accent):
"So, when you injured your arm, was a third party involved?"

"Only my stupidity..."

Insurance Rep:
"So, it was job related?"

May Bast watch over and keep us all...


Blogger Rev. Paul said...

That's funny, although I'm amazed you got an underwriter with an actual sense of humor.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous sheri said...

Speaking of chimneys, these are kinda cool. Expensive, but cool, eh?

5:42 PM  

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