half-assed live blogging of the hurricane known as Irene...

Who the hell ever thought of giving hurricanes human names, anyway?
was up at 3:30 this morning, thanks to Patch the Cat... hung around until it started to get light, then moved the bug-out boxes into the truck along with some other stuff, just in case I decide to seek higher ground, although waiting until then might be too late... time will tell.
cut down a small maple tree that had grown up around the power line from the pole to the house, figured i'd save JCP&L some work...
made a nice place for the two gray outside cats to hang out during the blow in one of the spare bedrooms.
just need to take in a few chairs and the last patio table, then nail the shed doors shut, then i'm in for the duration. mrs. SOG is heading out to a friend's house later today, so i'll be toughing it out here alone, with five cats. should be an interesting night.
i will be updating this post throughout the day and night, until i either have to take the computer upstairs or the power goes out.
wish me luck...

It's been raining lightly, no wind yet, but, unlike this morning when it was dead still, there is a slight stirring of leaves and small branches... it is coming,,,

Had a really huge rain band come through with moderate winds. The property is so saturated that it's all just sitting there, huge puddles already.
I'm going to get ready to wheel out of here on a moment's notice, I think. I'm going to move the computer and the rest of the electronics upstairs, get the back of the truck set up as a kitteh condo for the five cats and then all I'll have to do is round them up, get the stuff out of the freezer, grab my go-bag and head for the hills... Where I'm going, I have no idea, as long as it's high ground. I may just go up the to corner of my road, I can pull my truck into the alley between the Post Office and the local deli and ride it out. Cripes....
Will try to update via laptop until it's time to bug...



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How'd it go, my friend?

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