Kittens need a home...

The Great Spirit saw fit to give me charge over three little kittens, that were apparently born in my little barn and abandoned by their mother when, I suppose, she felt they were weaned. I found them when I was cleaning out the shed back in June, I've taken care of them since. One of them, an orange and gray patchwork took a fancy to me and I've decided that I'm going to keep her. The other two, who are in the pictures below, are super cute, super friendly kittehs, that love to curl up in my lap and sleep. I can't keep all three, which is breaking my heart, but that's just the way it is right now. Their names are Some and None - Some has a patch of white on her chest, None doesn't have any white, so they're Some and None. They answer to their names. They're healthy, active, typical kittens that are slowly growing into cats. I can't bring in the one I'm keeping and leave those two outside, so I really need to find them a home. If anyone local to me is interested, just let me know.
Here's some pictures I took of them when they were still pretty little and living in the barn. Now they live in a cat shelter I made just outside our back door, but that's not going to work for much longer. They really are sweethearts.

This is Some. She's a real lap cat, loves to sleep all curled up in your arms.

This is None. She's not such a cuddle type, but will curl up in my lap and she loves to have her ears and chin rubbed.

If you're interested and local, drop me a line. I really have to find them a loving home and they absolutely need to stay together, they are best buds.



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