cheap sex...

don't get excited... i didn't pull Karen out of the memory box again, i was just thinking about something that Jim of Parkway Rest Stop posted today, on the most auspicious event of the 9th anniversary of his most excellent blog, which was last week... he commented on how many, present company included, have stopped blogging and fallen into the social network trap of Facebook. i mean, it does work, if you're interested in making sure your dribblings hit a pretty much captive audience, rather than the hit or miss reality of a regular blog. it's easy to fall into the comfort zone of it. it really is like cheap sex. it's the social handjob network syndrome... you either stroke yourself or get stroked by everyone else and you feel really good about yourself because you rubbed out some asinine comment or drop kicked a link from somewhere else. and everyone either sticks their thumbs up or drops a pat you on the back comment for being so fucking witty... but it's never enough, it's like adolescence all over again, that fourth trip of the day into the bathroom with your rag-tag copy of Stern magazine that you're always dragging around because, you tell everyone, it's really good to practice reading for your seventh grade German language class, but it's really for all those damned saucy adds they have for German girls underware... ok, you guys get the idea, right? that's Facebook... mental masturbation for the masses...
well, that's about enough of that, don't you think?

all that sort of talk dragged up a particularly rancid episode in my affair with the fore mentioned Karen, she who lived over the cafe on the left coast, in Coronado, California. she who never wore clothes. she who always made a damned good pot of coffee. she of the famous black hair... one of these days, i'll finish telling those tales. but now, i need some bourbon. i'll be right back.

ah, how thou doth warm and cheer, Wild Turkey... my mood is better already. i almost wish i hadn't quit smoking, a nice, unfiltered Camel would really hit the spot right now. it's been just over six months without any tobacco, i'm looking forward to my one year anniversary, i'm going to light up a nice mellow cigar to celebrate. i think if i get one year under my belt, i'll be able to enjoy a stogie or my pipes once in a while without getting hooked on the coffin nails again. or not. at this stage of life, i'm beginning to wonder if it even really matters... it's funny how looking into the gaping maw of mortality puts things into a different perspective. a lot of crap that used to matter, just doesn't anymore. and some things that were just hanging there have suddenly become the most important things in the world. i guess it will all work itself out in the end, huh?

so. i'm going to endeavor to spend more time here and less time in the bathroom with Facebook. really. you'll see...



Anonymous Erica said...

You nailed it brother. And hey, if I can quit facebook, anyone can. It really is a deep, dark ugly hole. I'm kind of hoping everyone comes back around and starts blogging again. I miss you peeps. Especially the Jersey peeps.

11:00 PM  
Blogger CGHill said...

Weirdly, I seem to put my Items of Limited Interest on FB and save the allegedly good stuff for the actual blog. I suppose this is due to the fact that somewhere deep inside, I'd just as soon family members didn't read my blogstuff.

12:08 AM  

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