i never learn...

here is it, but two weeks before Christmas day, and I'm doing more plaster work in the dining room, filling in damage left behind in the plaster after removing the wainscot from one wall, and replacing all the door and window trim... at least Mrs. SOG and i are in agreement that the room will not be completed before the holidays, so our guests are going to be treated to the work in progress...
i'm going to be painting the wainscot on the remaining three walls bright polar white, putting in new corner beading and chair rail, as well as painting all the woodwork the same white. as much as it pains me to paint nice wood, the room really needs some brightening up. we're going to be putting wallpaper on the odd wall, trying to find something that looks like realistic brick that doesn't cost a hundred bucks a roll...
i'm also going to be reworking the raised hearth and making it level with the floor, which means removing the giant mantle and doing some sheetrock work, as well as all new trim. i might even go so far as to open up the old firebox, put in a stainless steel chimney liner and a woodburning insert, and getting rid of the coal stove. but that's for next year.
so today, we're off chair shopping, we need at least six more chairs to go around the new table in the dining room, it's huge. almost 4 x 8 as it stands, it opens up to 12 feet. perfect for large scale feasting. then, it's off to the family Christmas gathering.
enjoy the rest of your weekend..



Blogger joated said...

Some people just move the furniture around. ;-)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Thud said...

Some of us just can't leave things be....do we both have some sort of complaint?

1:00 PM  

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