well, well...

It is September... Summer draws to a close. Fields of green soon their russet coat will wear, the remaining flowers now nod with the weight of the morning dew that now, unlike a few weeks ago, lingers until the sun is full on in the sky, the sun that now tarries less and peaks lower in the Southern sky. The Hunter and his Hound make their morning trek across the heavens now. They greet me every clear morning, now that Old Sol is starting to sleep in... I love this time of year. I was born in Autumn. In so many ways, it is a gift to cherish, something like that last fancy present to be opened before the party calls to an end, before the world stubs it's toes on the stones of Winter... It is a time to pull close those around you, it is a time to gather, both within and with out. It is a time to keep looking up and ahead. Enjoy it. Cherish it.


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