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as I look. Or sometimes sound. In 2006 I wrote this post about the potential Russian move into Georgia as part of their push to recapture that country and make an advance to the South. Obviously I didn't make this stuff up, it was available for the taking from credible sources. Too bad NATO didn't read the same stuff. And it's too bad that America seems to be so self-absorbed in the Obama/McCain, black/white, dem/rino, he-said/she-said political bullshit to take note of what's really going on over there. I smell set up... I've never trusted Obama, nor the rest of the anti-American left for one damned second. I've always been convinced that Obama is but a convenient front for dark and subversive powers behind the scenes and that he's nothing but a distraction being played by the internal forces that seek to bring this country to it's knees. America is being set up for a fatal fall. I'm beginning to be less worried by terror attacks by the sixth century scum in the near future, than being sucked into a land war in Europe. Or worse yet, a limited nuclear exchange in Europe that will escalate into a full scale tit for tat between the US and Russia. If Europe boils over in the next two to five years, is the stuttering negro fool going to have it in him to do anything about it? Of course not, because the decision will not be his, but that of the puppet-master liberals who are pulling his strings. What about McCain? He might personally have the balls to stand up to Putin and company before things get weird, but he's going to be hamstrung by the commies on Capitol Hill. And, seriously, who in Europe is going to stand against Russia if they decide to venture towards the West? Germany? France? Islam over-run England? Feh. I think we need to stop worrying about that pompous asshole Dinnerjacket in Iran and start moving resources into central Europe, Italy and Poland. And, while we're at it, we need to move some resources to the border with Mexico post haste. Those recent "accidental" incursions by the Mexican Army are a warning sign. And a few dozen mid range nukes moved into Gitmo wouldn't hurt, either, especially if they're aimed at Chavez...
Your thoughts?

Update: Read this.

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