Friday, May 30, 2003


the past few days have been very busy and to top it off, I've been up since
1:18 AM this morning because my throat hurt enough to wake me up.
Nice, huh? Also on the agenda... my sinuses are draining themselves
down the back of my throat and my ears are infected...
so, nothing witty here tonight, folks...
however, here is something neat in keeping with the coffee commentary of late...

feel free to steal it and use it as you like, that's how i came by it...

tomorrow night, health pending...
Kaiju Big Battel...
yeah, i know, you're mystified...
watch this space for further info.


Tuesday, May 27, 2003

it pays to schmooze...

I guess Señor Valdez was so happy with the press I gave him that he sent along a complimentary load of coffee... looks like just enough to get me through a weekend, as long as I meter it out...

Monday, May 26, 2003

1972 California bathroom story...

You got pissed off at me when I tracked sand through your house.
You yelled at me through your bathroom door,
As I stood there in the almost dark thinking that I’d never been in a bathroom before that didn’t have a window.
The smell from the burning wax of a candle mixed with the scent of your soaps and reminded me of a place that I was once, a long time ago. Only no one was yelling at me then.
When I was finished, I got the broom and dustpan from your kitchen closet and cleaned up all traces of me in your hallway. I threw the sand out your back door where it came from and thought
“That was easy. I can remove all traces of myself with just a broom.”
I found you sitting on the front porch, smoking a cigarette and nursing the last bit of beer from a bottle. The brown of the bottle was the same color as your sweater.
“I cleaned up your hallway. I have to go now, it’s getting late.”
“It looks like it’s going to rain”.
When I got to the bottom of the stairs you yelled to me,
“It’s a new broom. How do you like it?”
“It’s a nice broom. I like the blue handle.”
“Are you coming by tomorrow?”
“I guess so.”
“Good. I’ll sweep up the sand tomorrow.”
“OK, I’ll bring my broom.”
“Yep. See you.”